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Today’s managers face a situation of increasing complexity: organizations grow, new products are developed, new services are offered and additional technologies are acquired. Oftentimes companies have to deal with sophisticated competitors and more government interventions. This complexity increasingly obscures how healthy or sick an organization might intrinsically be. To understand an organization, or to be able to help it improve its effectiveness, one does not need comprehensive answers to numerous questions. What is really needed is sensitivity to the potential relevance of interactions between specific elements and variables. It is imperative to understand and distinguish patterns of such interactions in three timeframes: short run – six days to six months; moderate run – six months to six years; and the long run – six years to six decades. This is a simple system that never fails in any situation. Using our systematic approach and profound knowledge of business efficiency we can literally work miracles. Since Information Technologies are just a part of business concepts array, Mindstream is not only about IT, it serves any aspect of business analysis and development.

Industries and Sectors We Work With

  • Software, Internet, & Other Computer-Related
  • Governments (Canada, U.S., U.K., NATO)
  • Transport & Aerospace
  • Marine & Waterways
  • Military & Defense
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Human Resources & Social Science
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Media and Design
  • Professional Training